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This site is not currently being promoted and many pages within lack text. Currently I am doing data entry to bring to the internet that area of baseball history for which there are no current discussions and no current resources: a synopsis of each pennant race. The study of baseball's pennant races utilizes original research and a graphing process you probably have not seen before: Game Dots.

Once this mission is complete, Ball Player Biographies and Minor League pennant races, will be attempted. It is also a requirement of a baseball historian that he or she field questions, so under the Questions section please find - soon I hope - some that I have previously answered or feel free to ask me a new one. I'm happy to say that even if I don't know the answer, I'll be able to contact the historian that does. Remember, despite what you've been told, there are no mysteries in baseball history, only research that stands to be done.

In the Products section you'll find one-of-a-kind items not available on any other web site or in any store.

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